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Nicki Micheaux


When it’s time to bring a character to life, actress Nicki Micheaux delivers. Known for her capacity to display a wide range of emotions, she’s had recurring roles on some of today’s most popular dramatic series, delivering memorable performances each time.


Nicki currently recurs on the TNT hit “Animal Kingdom” as the badass Detective Yates. She spent 4 seasons as Jen Sutton, a strong independent and supportive wife and mother on the ABC Family series, “Lincoln Heights” which garnered her two NAACP Image Award Nominations for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series. Her resume reads like a guide to good television, taking on roles such as the tortured, drug-addicted sister of police officer Keith Charles on “Six Feet Under,” the fearless undercover detective Trish George on “The Shield,” and the sexy temptress on the acclaimed Showtime series “Soul Food” just to name a few.


Nicki has shown Hollywood that she can stand and deliver next to the best, while never compromising her integrity or professionalism. Her portrait of a strong spiritual woman on “Lincoln Heights” is a true reflection of who she is and how she lives her life: uplifting women and fighting for the rights of others. She currently gives her time and energy to the fight against poverty worldwide with her work with Oxfam International.


Nicki takes the time to share her inspirational life story through motivational speaking, touching on subjects such as family, spirituality, and embracing your dreams.

Mark Burnham

Teddy 'Bear' Haynes

An ensemble leading man in the classic spirits of Dana Andrews, Sterling Hayden, Jack Palance & Ralph Meeker, Mark Burnham has brought his own unique style & process to roles with attention from the Cannes Directors Fortnight, Sundance, Locarno, Deauville & Venice International Film Festivals & the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Ricardo Adam Zarate

El Monstruo

Ricardo Adam Zarate was born and raised in California, but spent much of his youth with his extended family in Michoacán and Juárez, Mexico, which instilled in him a strong attachment to his Latin roots. Ricardo and his family faced many obstacles and challenges as he grew up, which led him to discover his passion and innate acting ability at a later age. It was only a few years ago that Ricardo decided to formally pursue his passion for acting. Lauren Patrice Nadler Acting Studio has given Ricardo the space and structure to grow and develop into the actor he is today.

Ricardo strives to be recognized for his versatile acting ability. His credits include roles as villain, gangster, rapper, and mercenary. He is a fitness model/coach and actor by day and a man of all other trades by night. Ricardo can most recently be seen as El Monstruo, in LOWLIFE, which premiered at Fantasia International Film Festival in July, 2017. His television work includes appearances on Investigation Discovery’s Deadly Sins. He has also starred in the short film The Dissolution of the Pretty Butterflies in


Known for his personal fitness, Ricardo works daily on helping others achieve their fitness, nutritional, and wellness goals. Due to his physical achievements, he has booked many fitness model shoots and is currently working with Flip Magazine on their men’s fitness column. Furthermore, Ricardo is fully bilingual and has a unique deep and sexy voice that he is using for voiceovers.


Developing his love for being in front of the camera, Ricardo has been creative in his time between bookings at managing his own social media pages that include an Instagram that highlights his workout routines, photoshoots, and behind the scene shoots; a YouTube channel and a Vine where he plays freely with his comedic side. Ricardo has learned how to work with the digital world and technology and maximizes that space to the best of his ability.


Ricardo Adam Zarate is a determined and talented Latino who hopes to inspire and motivate others to follow his example and lead. Ricardo is repped by his management team at Carman Hall Entertainment and by his agent Alvarado Rey.

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