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Praise  for  Lowlife

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Winner - Special Mention

Winner - Silver Audience Award


Screen Anarchy

Fantasia 2017: LOWLIFE's Ryan Prows

on Murder, Locations and more


LOWLIFE Director Ryan Prows Talks About His Movie On The Latest FrightFest Preview Podcast Ahead Of European Premiere 


The   Hollywood   Reporter

"A seriously nasty treat... [the] bloody, bizarro highlight of this year's Fantasia Film Festival, Ryan Prows' Lowlife lives up to its name and then some."

Bloody Disgusting

"Lowlife is quite possibly the best film out of Fantasia Fest 2017. Gripping, calculated, and air tight from start to finish... it puts newcomer Ryan Prows on the map as a director that we should all be following." 


"Perhaps what ‘Lowlife’ does best is expose the underbelly of an America that has always existed, but one that will certainly grow more dangerous and cutthroat under a presidency that continually fans the flames of anti-immigration sentiments and threatens to strip even the most basic healthcare from struggling communities who need it most.” 


Screen   Anarchy

“Lowlife does in a brisk 96 minutes what a 10 hour series does with the luxury of space and breathing room. To do this takes a bit of brio and a lot of talent."


"Director Ryan Prows’ whimsically dark and fantastically entertaining film has emerged from left field to demand a place on your radar. Set up a Google alert for ‘Lowlife release date’. You’ll be glad you did." 


"Rarely does a film live up to its title as well as Lowlife. Equal parts absurd comedy and surrealist bloodbath, it’s a shocking and often-hilarious story of a bunch of derelicts told over a few days in Los Angeles."


"Lowlife is a visceral and truly singular experience that will leave you in shock... totally worthy of obsession."

Film   Journal International

“Prows and his co-writers…nail a Tarantino-esque blend of violence, comedy, shifting timelines and characters who manage to be both reprehensible and sympathetic."

We   Got   This   Covered

"A true-to-form sonofabitch... Let this immoral collision-course wash over you like a grimy bloodbath worth its weight in pulp."


"A true discovery... the film winds a complicated and compelling narrative with a shrewd empathy and darkly comic twist."

"An adrenaline rush designed to strap you to your seat, entertain you, and spit you back into reality, exhausted but satisfied."

A.V. Club 

"Blending extreme violence and uproariously funny dialogue, the film is most notable for its engaging characters."

The YY Scene

"Action-packed and unforgettable Lowlife a highlight of the Calgary film fest... Intense. Outrageous. Unforgettable."


"A true discovery... the film winds a complicated and compelling narrative with a shrewd empathy and darkly comic twist."

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